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The Cunning

Little Vixen

Composed by Leoš Janáček

Maryland Opera Studio 2020

Directed by Amanda Consol

Set Design by Grace Guarniere

*Lighting Design by Lauren Gallup

Costumes Designed by Austin Blake Conlee

Photos by Rochele Mac, Andres Poch, & Jacob Hughes


6.1 Roost.jpg
**Cancelled Due to COVID19
Photos from Post-Show Photoshoot
(*Not Original Lighting)
1. Frog.jpg
3. Vixen.jpg
2.1 Skeeto.jpg
7. Badger.jpg
5. Chicken.jpg
4.1 Doggo.jpg
8. Heron.jpg
9.1 Wood.jpg
*Updated Digital Renderings
1. Young_Vixen 2.jpg
5. Forester copy.jpg
6. Mosquito copy.jpg
2. Frog copy.jpg
3. Dragonfly copy.jpg
8. Wife 2.jpg
11. Rooster copy.jpg
7. Vixen copy.jpg
10. Chickens 3 copy.jpg
9. Dog 2.jpg
15. Fox 2.jpg
17. Woodpecker 3 copy.jpg
12. Badger copy.jpg
18. Owl copy.jpg
"Costumes in Motion" Fitting Videos
Fabric Shopping in The Garment District of New York City
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